Going all Natural?

Rocking natural hair is much more than a beauty statement

Victoria T. Davis

Fashion and beauty trends come and go, but one on the radar for several years has been the natural hair movement. Thousands of women have decided to embrace their natural kinky and curly hair texture as hundreds of hair products have been marketed toward women hoping to pull them on the bandwagon.

While some say caring for their natural hair can be time consuming, it is simply more than a beauty statement. As the natural hair blogger at ClassyCurlies.com, I find it has much more to do with self discovery than any hair product or tool.

Meet 17-year-old Mikala Johnson who desired to discover her natural locks although her mother was not very fond of the idea.

“For some people it may be about creating the perfect twist out or growing waist-length hair, but for me, I feel it will help me appreciate myself more for who I truly am than this,” said Johnson who showed off her artificial fingernails and tugged on her long hair extensions.

As an individual who decided to embrace my natural hair more than five years ago, I went from long, straight hair to a short afro in just 14 short months, and despite the nasty looks I received from family and some friends, it was one of the best decision I’ve ever made. In many ways the process can be compared to stripping one’s self of outer impurities, which later have in impact on one’s inner confidence. Without the hair extensions, false fingernails, eye lashes, and layers of makeup…there is nothing left but one being. For myself it was the realization of, “this is what you have, and make it work.” This was also a time to study not only my physical features to see what new characteristics I was soon to fall in love with, it also provided a time to dissect pieces of my personality to determined where improvement could be made. This is my experience and that of many other women and girls as well.

Whether you decide to embrace your natural hair texture or not, dedicate time to truly unlock and learn the purpose you hold. Whether it is helping others, becoming a community advocate or school leader, you will appreciate and fulfill the role much more when you accept who you are currently and who you’d like to be.